Traveled to Dreg's Landing in southern Kylong Plains. Met with Kilur Beardback. "Well met, adventurer! I'm Kilur Beardback, defense sergeant for Dreg's Landing." "My name is _____." "You have the look of a veteran of many seasons. Just the kind we need right now. Would you care for a good battle?" "Always!" "There's a new breed of scum in these parts, reavers from who-knows-where, sailing in ships made of ice. They call themselves the 'Order of Rime'. Now, we don't know what they are about and we mind our own business. But they've taken to probing our defenses and raiding our supplies." "We can't have that." Quest: Nosy Invaders Collect 6 Rime Pillager Noses "That's right! We'll be a bit safer if you kill, say, a half-dozen of the raiders hiding out on the beach East of here. Bring me their frostbitten noses as proof of the deed, and I'll pay you well." "It will be my pleasure."

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